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You are a member of the Fated. An entire new world has opened up to you. This new world is filled with different planes to explore, each more beautiful and terrifying than the next. It has magical creatures, beasts woven from dreamstuff and monsters wrapped in nightmares. It is filled with a deep and beautiful history, some which only seems like a fairy tale. Your world will never be the same.

Together with your coven, other witches and warlocks who have been Fated, you will explore all the world and planes have to offer. Your coven will protect you, share in your joy, but also be the group of people who understand the harsh realities the life of being Fated brings. You’ll deal with the society, other Fated who have formed groups and government, ruled over by a group of Fated called the Council.

WITCH: Fated Souls is a modern, dark fantasy role play game where you play a member of the Fated – someone who has sold their soul to a demon for power.

The WITCH: Fated Souls core rule book includes:

  • Mechanics that support the story of the game.
  • A story driven by the choices you make and how you interact with your demon.
  • A unique magic customisation mechanic that helps you to alter your magic to fit your character.
  • An exciting potion crafting system that allows you to mix hundreds of items for fantastic results.
  • A beautiful, mysterious, and magical world to explore.
  • A chapter outlining different types of demons, creatures, and foes you will encounter on your journey.

208 pages, hardcover





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