Intelligence Bulletin No. 3 - Talents in the Pacific

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  In the vastness of the Pacific . . .

. . . The Devil's Own wait for the enemy. The Talent forces of the U.S. Marines hold the line. As the eye of the world focuses on Europe, you and your compatriots do your best to stem the tide of the Japanese war machine in the Pacific. No equipment, no replacements, and no support -- you are on your own, except for your fellow Marines.

The world looks to you -- and the bizarre powers you possess -- to free it from the threat of super-human tyranny. You are the one and only thing standing between victory and defeat.

The Devil's Own never retreat, never surrender, and never leave a man behind.

Talent Operations Command Intelligence Bulletins contain vital information and advice for all Marines and officers of the SIS Special Service Squads.

Inside you'll find:

* Complete descriptions of SIS training, weapons, and equipment.
* Combat notes from the front lines of the Pacific War.
* A guide to Japanese forces and equipment.
* A glossary of Marine terms.
* A new SIS personnel sheet and rules for creating SIS specialists.
* BLUE-classified intelligence documents describing a peculiar native Talent.
* New rules for jungle survival, jungle tactics, stalking, flamethrowers, explosives, running, swimming, and more!

Are You Ready for War?


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