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HârnManor includes 4 generated manors and rules to create your own. Fully compatible with HârnMaster or any rules system.

Rules to generate useful, realistic Hârnic villages, populated with a variety of serfs, freeholders, and craftsmen.

Rules to populate the lord's household. For most lords a rich household carries prestige and a penny saved is a penny wasted.

Manor Budget
Rules to operate realistic medieval manors.

Manors of Hârn
Four manors that illustrate the diverse politics and economics of rural Hârn are included. Each has a color local map, and data on each villager and retainer of the lord's household:

  • Avonel is a microcosm of the deadly politics of Rethem. The fief is a ward of the Earl of Ithiko and a pawn in his struggle with the Earl of Tormau. The underage Lord of Avonel simmers while a rapacious bailiff steals much of the fief's wealth. Religious strife looms between an Agrikan and Peonian cleric.
  • Clord is a manor on an island near Thay, recently granted to the Church of Peoni as an abbey and hospice. Most patients are lepers. The local serfs who work Clord's fields and otherwise support the church grow ever more afraid and many have fled the island.
  • Roganter is a secular manor in Kaldor, held by a knight from the Archbishop of Larani. The nearby woods and hills echo to the sounds of miners and outlaws.
  • Turenborg is a Jarin village conquered by the Ivinians. It was a hotbed of unrest during the Jarin Rebellion of 701-03 and the wounds of that conflict have yet to heal.

Designed to be used with HârnMaster Third Edition, this is a valuable resource for any Fantasy/Historical RPG that wishes to include manging and running a manor as part of the campaign.

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