Cold City - Revised Edition - Print + PDF

Cold City - Revised Edition - Print + PDF

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  A game of hidden agendas, trust and monster hunting.

Berlin, 1950: While the Cold War rages, the secretive agents of the multi-national Reserve Police Agency creep through the shadows, hunting down the remnants of bizarre technologies and twisted wartime experiments.

But the RPA is riven by paranoia, fear and suspicion. Everyone works to their own hidden agendas, the different nationalities look at each other through a haze of mistrust. In the darkness, faced by horrors beyond your worst nightmares, will your comrades watch your back or treacherously stick a knife into it?

This updated version of Cold City takes all the information presented in the original book and combines it with the Cold City Companion to put everything you need in the one place. There is also a revised system chapter that offers smoother, easier gameplay.

160 page softcover

Vom Verlag gibt's das PDF des Buches zu jeder gedruckten Ausgabe gratis dazu.

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