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In OpenQuest you play fantastic death defying adventurers in search of fame and fortune. Every step of the way you'll be supported by these easy to understand rules based upon thirty years of the tried and tested D100 mechanic, which uses percentages to express the chance of success or failure.

A Complete Set of Rules. This book contains all you need play (except dice). 

  • Easy to Learn. The rules have been pared back to the bare minimum and most rules only need a single roll to determine success or failure.
  • Organised. In logical easy to follow chapters, with advice for both Players and Games Masters throughout..
  • Examples. As well as the adventures of Rurik the Reckless there are copious examples of play.
  • Time-Tested. This version of the rules is based on the author's in game experiences of twenty years.
  • Flexible. Easily adaptable to the fantasy world of your choice.
  • Open. All the text of this book is Open Gaming Content under the Open Gaming License, so you can use it however you want even for commercial releases of your own.



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