Borderland Provinces - The Lost Lands

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A detailed area of the Lost Lands -- the part containing Rappan Athuk and the City of Endhome (Lost City of Barakus). A great starting point for a Lost Lands campaign of any character level!

The Borderland Provinces are balanced on the knife’s edge of history, as a decadent, declining empire retreats slowly, clinging to power even as it unravels. This book contains campaign material that connects not only Rappan Athuk and Lost City of Barakus, but many other previously-published adventures from Frog God Games and Necromancer Games. Written by ENNIE award-winning author Matt Finch, it contains the history of the Borderland Provinces region, descriptions of the countries, cities (some with maps), towns, important places, major geographical features, and extensive encounter tables for the ancient Hyperborean roads crisscrossing the Provinces. For those familiar with Lost Lands geography, the campaign book covers the Western part of our Sinnar Coast Region map, an area in great peril, located only a few hundred miles from Bard's Gate and directly adjacent to the Sundered Kingdoms.

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