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Imagine a cartoon show starring you and your fuzzy gang, in fervid episodes to save your beloved magical kingdom from the machinations of humanity. You will take your finest Glidewing cloaks and most trusted Tome of Frost to blast away at your enemies with the power of your Anger. You will build mechanical support drones to Cure your friends from afar. You will define trigger conditions to ward your friends with the power of your Grief.

  • Innovative game mechanics to keep the action rolling with ease.
  • Uses Personality traits to define the abilities of the hero. Your character's mood influences their chances of success!
  • Comes with 12 Callings, each offering unique game mechanics to mesh with your basic actions.
    Uncover the most useful combinations!
  • Kid friendly setting, teaching values about life: Charity, Civilisation and Conservancy.
  • Welcoming atmosphere, meant to be inclusive to players of all creeds.

Michtim is a tumultuous adventure of small, furry heroes struggling against the depredations of humanity. The Michtims live in a giant tree kingdom, hidden in the Immergrummelwoods by the magical powers of the Veil. The Veil is powered by the folk rites of humanity, like putting a saucer of milk outside for the fae. But humanity's belief is dwindling, substituted by greed and callousness. Michtims cannot tolerate this, and will go to lengths to sabotage animal factories and intervene with the long-legs' plans to raze the woods, just to build another shopping center.

Michtims have an elaborate culture, centered around three noble houses. Each of those houses has different values, called Virtues. While Haus Barsik promotes Conservancy, Haus Grauling seeks Civilisation and its trappings, and Haus Turnaya follows Charity to craft a strong society.

Michtim heroes are a diverse lot. Their Personality has a direct influence on their abilities. Angry Michtims are fierce fighters, while caring heroes are healing their gang members. These basic abilities are further enhanced by twelve Callings; magical or technical archetypes that refine the core game mechancis. Sorcerers can sacrifice dice to affect targets at range, while Cooks can set aside dice to create food power-ups. Best of all, every Calling works with every combination of Personality traits.

The game features unique and novel rules that are both easy to remember (and part of the character sheet as well), but offers tactical depth to those that are willing to combine Callings, utilize Gear and develop personal Ultimate maneuvers.

Designer's Note: The setting also takes a strong stance on the notion of equality. Whether you're female, male or intersex; whatever type of love you might live, Michtim culture is a happy place without sexism, racism, trans- or homophobia.


118 pages, color hardcover

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