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A collection of new settings and domains for Wield, including:

  • Dark Chrome, where vatcha are sentient cybernetic transplants.
  • Old Japan, where the kami spirits inhabit all things.
  • Old Smoke, a dark shadow of Victorian London.
  • Princesses of Ellysial, a world far beyond our own where flowers are always in bloom.
  • Sentient Frames, where the vatcha help Frame Pilots compete in the Mecha Games.
  • The Big Dust, a wild and lawless place attracting all manner of thieves, murderers, and ruthless outlaws.
  • Whispering Shadows, a demon-haunted world where spirits can possess a mortal shell with a single touch.

Wield Companion also includes two new short stories and rules for using the principles of Wield in Fate Core.



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