Power Play - Schemes and Skullduggery

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Power Play is a new kind of storytelling game, a Competitive Narrative Game. In the game, you will take on the role of a supernatural mastermind with a villainous plot to execute. The first to put all the pieces of his secret plot into place can declare himself the winner!

Power Play is not a Traditional Storytelling Game. You will not act out your character’s actions, you will not need to adhere to any in-game moral code or class restrictions, and you will not need to keep your out-of-game knowledge separate from your in-game knowledge. There are no stats, no calculations, and no complex sets of dice to roll.

Instead, the game plays out much like a larger and more organized ‘Who would win?’ battle of supervillains, much like the arguments you may have had with friends over lunch or during game night. Skullduggery captures the core of the contest–context, powers, and decisions, and tempers them into a fast-paced, lively battle of wits mixed with a downward spiral of morality.

On your turns, simply dictate your actions, and they come to pass. Utilize secret actions, your supernatural powers, the resources of your vast agency, and superior planning to gain an advantage and be the first to complete your objective.

Power Play: Schemes & Skulduggery is underhanded, unrestricted supervillainy in a free-form, open environment. We like to think of it as “the Grand Theft Auto of Storytelling Games”.


  • 100+ pages game rules book
  • 57 role, item and location cards
  • 8 player pawns


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