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In The Cold Ruins of Lastlife, you’ll play an undead remnant of a once-great world. Find your lost memories as you sift through the ashes, or pave a new path, cutting a swath of burning light into a hopeful future, and leave the past—and your memories—behind forever. The Cold Ruins of Lastlife lets you play undead adventurers trying to find something to fight for—the past or the future—in this cold and dreadful world. Hunt for a new flame. Or try to recall why your flame burned bright in the first place. The Cold Ruins of Lastlife is heavily inspired by Dark Souls, along with works such as Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast series and Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities.

It’s a fantastic, fully laid-out setting book full of art, monsters, compendium classes, magic items, fronts, dangers, and madness.

The Cold Ruins of Lastlife includes:

  • New Bonds, Drives, and character creation rules catered for crafting undead adventurers in a realm of fog and oblivion
  • New basic moves for exploring the Cold Ruins as undying lost souls
  • New systems for advancement, designed so your characters can restore the old world or build a new one
  • Monsters like the conglomerate-bodied Executioner; Compendium Classes like the demon-bonded Broken; and Relics like the gossamer Death’s Hide Cloak
  • And a dark crypt’s worth of other necromantic goodies!

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