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First amongst the stars, first upon Luna, and first upon Mars, Capitol prides itself upon being the first to grab every opportunity. Capitol is the largest corporation, and the most prosperous, and they claim that this success comes from the freedom of its populace. In no other corporation could an ordinary citizen rise to fame, fortune, and power so easily, but the price of freedom is a high one.

There are those who believe freedom is an inherent right of all people, no matter their race, creed, or corporation. This is an unwavering truth. So why do people of other corporations allow themselves to be draped in social and economic chains? Because they have proven unwilling to fight for their rights. They have let themselves become weak and accepted the rule of bullies and thieves. Not Capitol, though. Capitol is embodied by the eternal war for freedom, which began when the Pioneers first loosed their rockets and soared up from the dying earth. Capitol recognizes that any doubt or hesitation will result in nothing less than domination – if not annihilation.

  • Freedom: What characterises the average Capitolian? Discover the culture of consumerism, self-determination, and fame-seeking that exemplify the best of Capitol, and the darker side of freedom that threatens to undermine society.
  • See the Sights: Discover the secrets and perils of Mars, the Capitol homeworld, and the corporation’s holdings on Venus and Luna.
  • Politics: Learn about the inner workings of Capitol, with its countless elected officials, and how fame and money influence the most democratic of the corporations. Discover the workings of the Armed Forces of Capitol, and their constant battles against both envious rivals and the Dark Legion.
  • Character Creation: Expanded rules for the backgrounds and professions unique to the Capitol corporation.


96 page hardcover


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