Order of the Stick: On the Origin of PCs

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Like all great stories in the history of the universe, this one begins in a tavern.

The Order of the Stick: On the Origin of PCs reveals the secret character backgrounds of your favorite band of webcomic adventurers, the Order of the Stick. Spinning out of the popular online comic (and subsequent book collections), On the Origin of PCs presents 72 pages of all-new, never-seen-before-or since OOTS action and comedy that detail what each of the six members of the Order were doing with their lonely and pathetic lives before they joined forces to become a less lonely (but no less pathetic) team. Presented in nostalgic greyscale that we like to call "Past-O-Vision," On the Origin of PCs is a vital part of your Order of the Stick collection.

So sit back and enjoy the intoxicating blend of finely etched character development, witty roleplaying game satire, and unnecessary partial stick figure nudity you've come to expect - nay, demand - from The Order of the Stick, safe in the knowledge that anyone who hasn't shelled out the money to score their own copy will go to their grave with an empty gnawing feeling in the pit of their soul that comes from the ineffable knowledge that they never read ALL of the Order of the Stick comics. Buying a copy doesn't just sate your curiosity; it saves you from a hellish purgatory of never finding out the cold sobering truth.

A Bulleted List for Those Too Lazy to Read What's Above:

  • 72 pages of all-new OOTS comedy!
  • Learn where the OOTSers came from and why they adventure!
  • Presented in trendy greyscale!
  • On shiny paper!
  • Makes existence meaningful!
  • Gratuitous exclamation points!

Written and illustrated by Rich Burlew.


72 pages

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