Cugels Compendium of Indispensable Advantages

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For sound commercial reasons we have made this Compendium INDISPENSABLE . . .

. . . to both players and Game Moderators of the estimable Pelgrane Press Dying Earth roleplaying game. A mere sample of this supplement's contents offers proof:

  • A new power, the Tweak: Procure advantages in specific situations, Negate another's blunder with the Etiquette tweak "Forgive My Companion Who Was Dropped At Birth." Persuade a mount to obey you with the Riding tweak "There's Turnips In It For You."
  • Arcane Magical Items and intriguing equipment: The Cornucopia of Discreditable Secrets, Distracting Baubles, the Nightman's Accomplice, The Diamonds That Were Kathak Thark, Spring-Heel Boots, and three dozen other practical adjuncts.
  • 24 clever cantraps
  • and other essentials: Learn to negotiate to your advantage; dress outrageously with the Random Costume Generator; and line your deserving pockets with guaranteed confidence tricks!

Written by Aaron Allston, Robin D. Laws, and Phil Masters.


72 pages

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