Skorne Empire

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Far  to the east of the Iron Kingdoms lies the treacherous land where the enduring  skorne have built their empire.  Iron Kingdoms Unleashed  Roleplaying Game: Skorne Empire  explores the scorching expanses of  eastern Immoren, where survival means embracing the brutality and lethality of  the punishing environment. Assume the warrior code of  hoksune  and adventure through eastern Immoren as a skorne, mastering the powers of pain  and death to thrive in a land as dangerous as its inhabitants! Venture  far outside the boundaries of the Iron Kingdoms with this essential full-color  guide to the Skorne Empire, eastern Immoren, and its inhabitants:

  • Discover  the incredible millennia-spanning history of the skorne race. Learn the true  nature of the Skorne Empire's culture, including their caste system,  government, and warrior code.  
  • Explore  Halaak, Malphas, and the other major cities of the empire.
  • Adventure  as a skorne with over a dozen new careers, new gear and weapons, and new  adventuring companies.
  • Create your character with the new Caste system,  granting unique benefits that represent your place in skorne society.
  • Battle  all-new beasts native to the unforgiving wilds of the east like subterranean  razor worms, dangerous cyclopes, and the monstrous desert hydra. 
  • Wield  the power of the empire's warbeasts and new spells unique to Extollers,  Mortitheurges, and Skorne Warlocks. Embody the warrior and earn a place among your  ancestors!


160 pages, full color

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