Queen of Gold - Tales of the Pirate Isles

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A Storm Gathers on the Horizon!

A new evil stirs in the east, one that promises to plunge the world into shadow! Queen of Gold: Tales of the Pirate Isles presents a complete campaign that takes a group of starting characters to the culmination of their master paths. In the eleven adventures contained inside, the characters will have to content with being shipwrecked, fight horrors loosed from the seas, search for accursed relics, battle a dastardly pirate, and travel to the ends of the Urth to confront the heart of darkness itself!

Queen of Gold also captures the unique nightmarish visions of a whole stable of designers that include: Robert J. Schwalb, Nat Webb, Robert Adducci, Jason Bulmahn, Greg Marks, Steve Kenson, Eric Cagle, Andrew Follett, Miranda Horner, and Stephen Radney-MacFarland So assemble a group and set sail to find the fabled Queen of Gold!

To use this product, you need Shadow of the Demon Lord and the Demon Lord’s Companion.

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