Tenra Bansho Zero

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Tenra Bansho Zero is a story-focused role-playing game of epic drama and insane action, set in the world of Tenra: A rich world of high magic and technology, of the ancient side by side with the futuristic. A world of blood and steel, mired in an endless feudal war. There are over a dozen playable character types in the game, including mecha-pilot armour riders, soulgem-studded samurai, onmyoji taoist sorcerers, Buddhist monks of three different orders, skilled shinobi, kijin cyborgs, peerless killing robots, secretive Shinto agents, mysterious ayakashi monsters and more!

Tenra Bansho Zero is easy to learn: With some friends, some six-sided dice and a drive for drama, you'll be engaged in a system that not only rewards dramatic role-playing with character power-ups, but also follows the dramatic structure of an anime series or kabuki play! It is also a fast-paced game: In just one session you can tell a complete story with your friends from start to finish.

Designed and illustrated by master Japanese game designer and manga artist Junichi Inoue, with illustrations by professional manga artists Hayami Rasenjin, Hiroyuki Ishida, and more! Tenra Bansho Zero is fully translated into English and features over 300 unique illustrations and 30 full color plates designed to visually bring new players into the unique world of Tenra. As the easy-to-learn rules are illustrated through several manga, and the rules feature tons of advice and references for players, you will be playing this game with your friends in no time!


Tenra Bansho Zero features:

* Over 300 unique pieces of art spread throughout the game, 33 full color manga story pages introduces players to the world and setting features, and ten rules explanations in manga form assist with fast rules retention. The art is done by the formidable hand of Junichi Inoue, the fine brush-work of Hiroyuki Ishida, the comical impact of Hayami Rasenjin, and more! WIth layout for the English edition by industry expert Luke Crane (Mouse Guard RPG, Burning Wheel RPG), you've never seen a game like this.

* Two books, incredible content : A full-color Setting book and a black-and-white Rules and Play book. The books together boast a page count of almost 700 total pages! The huge amount of art, combined with the detailed deep-dive explanations and play advice, will give you your money's worth in usable content.

* A rich Japanese setting involving a planet in a constant state of war, where magic fuels technology and the culture is an analogue of the Warring States (Sengoku) era of Japan. Mecha, sorcery, samurai, geisha, Buddhist monks, cyborgs, annelid-users and more make this game a truly unique--and deeply culturally Japanese--experience. See the Game section below for more details!

* A simple-to-understand rules system utilizing regular six-sided dice, cleverly explained in both detailed text examples and amusing full-page manga art. On top of a system of skills, attributes, action and combat is overlaid a deeper system of kabuki theater-style play: Focusing very specifically on play through Acts, Scenes, and Intermissions, the players of this game are both the actors and audience. As actors, they focus on role-play in a scene with other actors. As audience (much like the audience of a kabuki play), they focus on the drama that unfolds, rewarding the players for dramatic actions and cool ad-libbed lines.

* Speed: An entire campaign, a story from start to finish, can be told over the space of one to two sessions! You can then choose to play the same characters in another tale, or perhaps retire them to look at another facet of life on Tenra.

2 softcover books in slipcase, 240 page full color worldbook, 436 page rulebook


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