Dialect - A Game About Language and How It Dies

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Dialect is a GM-less game for 3-5 players where you’ll tell the story of the Isolation by building their language. New words will come from the fundamental aspects of the community: who they are, what they believe in, and how they respond to a changing world.

Players take away both the story they’ve told and the dialect they’ve built together. Includes hardcover book, deck of language generating cards used to play the game, and a free digital copy delivered immediately.

  • "Dialect is fascinating and fun and innovative" -- Jason Morningstar (Fiasco, Night Witches)
  • "A language-building story-telling thing of beauty" -- Jay Treat (Legacy of the Slayer, Strange Gravity)
  • "This is a game about how culture, language and thought interact... and that is amazing!" -- Alex Roberts (Backstory Podcast)

What's Included

  • 150 page hardcover and language generating deck, both gorgeously printed with professional layout and beautiful art.
  • Playsets contributed by eleven world-class game designers, linguists, language creators, and generally-formidable humans
  • Contributed chapter on language invention by David Peterson (author of The Art of Language Invention and language creator for HBO's Game of Thrones)
  • A chapter on sustaining the world's language by Steven Bird, linguist, community organizer and champion for language vitality.
  • Free printable play references availabe here.

For some examples of play and more about Dialect, check out the podcast episode One Shot plays Dialect or the Waypoint by Vice article Playing the Birth and Death of Language in 'Dialect'.

150 page full color hardcover book with 82 card deck

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