The Sword, The Crown, and The Unspeakable Power

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The Sword, The Crown, and The Unspeakable Power is a dark fantasy role-playing game from Wheel Tree Press. Reminiscent of the A Song of Ice and Fire or First Law books, the game focuses on power, politics, and intrigue in a setting you create using a unique world building exercise.

Built on the Powered by the Apocalypse system developed in Vincent and Meguey Baker’s game Apocalypse World, The Sword, The Crown, and The Unspeakable Power is designed to let players get their hands dirty in scheming, conniving, and backstabbing. Take control of powerful sorcerers, regal nobles, and hardened warriors as you plot your rise to glory.

Will others step on you as they ascend the social hierarchy? Or will you hack and claw your way to be the one who wears the crown?

Players take on the role of extraordinary characters, both noble and common, with powers and connections that let them get their hands dirty and shape the fictional world of your game in the blood opera you write together. What character class will you choose to play? 

  • The Adept, wizards who command authority by bending the fabric of reality to their whims and desires. 
  • The Beloved, a prophet who acts on behalf of a deity or supernatural force, preaching their theology to a cult of followers.
  • The Black Hood, mysterious thieves and assassins, living in the shadows, working at the behest of a guild or secret society.
  • The Bloodletter, healers who hold dominion over the very gates of life and death themselves. 
  • The Crown, nobles sitting atop their thrones, ruling those beneath them.
  • The Gauntlet, a fearsome warrior who does the bidding of those with coin or status to make it worth their while. 
  • The Hex, witches striking deals and bargains, using their ill-gotten magics to charm and bind their prey.
  • The Lyre, an artist who collects information using their wiles and charm. 
  • The Screw, who discovers the secrets of those unlucky enough to cross their path through... unsavory means.
  • The Spur, who leads a rough & tumble militia of either bandits or hired soldiers in the service of a ruler.
  • The Voice, an advisor with an ear at each door, gathering secrets and whispering in the ears of those with power.

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