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Rainbow - Facemask

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Cotton face mask, sized for adults.
  • 100% craft quality cotton Face Mask. Adapted from an existing pattern to make our own unique design face mask. Tried and tested to fit.
  • One size fits most – you can adjust fit by adjusting elastic length.
  • Childrens sizes available on some designs to fit 6-10 year olds Please enquire before purchasing.
  • Washable – recommended hand washing only with warm soapy water; hang to drip dry.
  • Snug, not tight, to the face – allows you to chat without it sliding about
  • Covers your mouth and nose – can be worn with a short beard. Waiting for feedback for fuller/longer beards!
  • Worn Correctly – up to the top of the bridge of your nose – prevents glasses from fogging up
  • Made from 100%-prewashed cotton – fabric washed before sewing – with double layer protection and inner slot which allows you to slip in extra filters (purchased flat ones or else make your own from dried out face wipes)
  • Soft hat elastic loops – easy on the ear- wearable with hearing aid.
  • Adaptable – so you can thread through your own elastic or string to tie (not included)
  • Available in a wide range of fabrics – including familiar ones as seen in ARU input website. I will be using usuable leftover ARU fabric where possible to make it more sustainable. Internal fabric will match, but may vary.
  • Some designs may look different to the pictured one – due to variations on the pattern repeat on the fabric.
  • Optional fabric filter included while stocks last. simply cut & place inside face mask filter pocket.

PLEASE NOTE These are NOT medical approved facemasks to filter out viruses and bacteria. They will aid with stopping spread/droplet spray from coughs/sneezes/breathing. Should filter most dust.


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1 - 1 of 3 results