Chronicles of Skin

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Chronicles of Skin is a game of scribbling and storytelling. Using cards and a pencil, you and your friends will tell a story, recording it on paper with doodles and glyphs. In your pack you will receive:

  • 72 full colour playing cards
  • One 36 page, full colour rules booklet
  • One double-sided skin sheet
  • 90 minutes of audio commentary

In every game you will be an Artist, an Other and a Scribe. As an Artist you will doodle the events of your story. As an Other you will create characters for the story and guide them to their fate. As a Scribe you will invent locations and set up the world at war.

When play begins, you interpret symbols and create flags using a custom deck of 72 gorgeous playing cards. From these flags you determine the traits that sculpt the story of your war. You will introduce characters from both cultures and bring them to the brink of extinction. Which cultures survives? That's up to you.

  • Players: 3-5
  • Duration: 90 mins or 3 hours (two game modes)
  • Ages: 14+

Chronicles of Skin Introduction from Sebastian Hickey on Vimeo.



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