Wicked Lies & Alibis - Softcover

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Whodunit roleplaying in the age of Art Deco.

You are the prime suspect in a murder investigation.

The world is changing; a great economic depression wipes out the life savings of rich and poor alike.

But the party goes on for the wealthy and well heeled, determined to ignore the impending financial crisis and dance long into the night.

Now a brutal murder threatens to shatter this world of privilege, influence and power.

One of your own is dead, and a Great Detective has been summoned to solve the case. Yes, you had a motive, and perhaps even the means and opportunity to commit the murder, but you’re certainly not the only one...

Clear your name and uncover the real killer, before it’s too late!


Players generate characters at the table from a selection of cards, developing a cast of complex characters who all have a motive to kill the victim. They then play through several establishing scenes in the lead-up to a murder. The remainder of the game is played as a series of structured flashback rounds where each player, in turn, assumes a degree of narrative control to frame a flashback which incriminates another character.

The Game Master has a dual role, both as facilitator of scenes, and as the Great Detective, a Non-Player Character summoned to solve the murder, who summarises the evidence revealed by the characters, and reveals the motives of the characters one-by-one before finally disclosing the identity of the murderer.

This game allows you to recreate murder mystery stories in the finest tradition of the golden-age of detective fiction. It’s also a perfect low-prep, one-shot, filler for that session where you are missing a key player, or when you want to try something different between regular games.

Inside this volume you’ll find:

  • Simple card-based mechanics that deliver a complete murder mystery experience in a single session of play. The unique approach to character creation supported by structured opening scenes is perfect for RPG beginners and veterans alike, allowing simple concepts to rapidly develop into complex characters who will weave a web of wicked lies and alibis.
  • Detailed facilitation notes containing advice and suggestions to support the GM in running the game.
  • Nine pre-generated murder mysteries detailing the identity of murder victims and the means of their demise, as well as suggestions for the Great Detectives who might solve the case.
  • Details about the era of Art Deco with suggestions of how to introduce several key themes to enrich and add to the realism of your game.

Winner of a 2015 ENnie Judges Spotlight Award

70 pages, Softcover.


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