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In World Wide Wrestling, you and your friends create iconic wrestling characters and play out their feuds and storylines through both in-ring and backstage action. International Incident adds:

  • Gimmicks and advice on adding international styles of wrestling to your promotion, including Lucha Libre, Japanese puroresu/"Strong Style", classic All-In grappling in the British tradition, and contemporary high-octane Indy-style wrestling
  • Promotion Advancement: a new system of narrative tags and troubles that reflect and describe how your Promotion grows and changes
  • Audience Moves: Creative Moves that reflect how the nature of the crowd effects the action in the ring
  • Mythic Moments: A Moves addition that creates iconic moments that build a wrestlers enduring legacy
  • Stroke: A system for handling differences of opinion off camera
  • Advancement options to support long-term (10+ Episode) play
  • Advice on handling long-cons, wars and invasion angles and other variations on multi-table play
  • Additional guidance and advice on how to play out wrestling matches and adapt ring psychology to the conversation of play

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