Book of Familiars

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Taleriean lay upon the steps, pinned with arrows. Balo's headlong rush ended in death. Now Eurich stood upon the steps . . . not quite alone, for with him stood Bonecrush, his animal companion, his familiar. Thus emboldened, Eurich fell upon the orcs in the mad rush of glorious combat!

Familiars for All Classes
All those who tread the paths of the wild, who crawl lost through the dark, who plunder treasures of the ancients, eventually find themselves alone and bereft of friends. It is in those moments, when the cold creeps up your spine, and the hair rises, that you most need a stalwart companion at your side; a wolf to bare fangs, an owl to see into the darkness, a muse to whisper the songs of the ancients, or a named sword of cold steel and magic . . . these are the familiars you seek.

An Arm Extended
The Book of Familiars offers a groundbreaking look at Castles & Crusades' thirteen core classes. Herein, we expand the horizons of familiars and develop a fully functional, well balanced approach for each character class to gain a familiar or animal companion. These added features do not inhibit the simplicity of the Siege Engine, nor do they add a level of complexity to your game to slow it down. The Book of Familiars adds new dimensions to the game without impeding play.

However, these are not the familiars you know. The Book of Familiars breaks the fantasy mold. From the barbarian's spirit guides, to a fighter's weapons, the monk summoning ancestral spirits, or a rogue's shadow with a life its own and the paladin fusing his own spiritual power with his arms and armor; these are familiars as you've never seen them.

Alongside the unusual, we offer over 150 animals and monsters for typical familiars, from crows, owls, toads and rats to pseudo-dragons and the like.

Codex Nordica brings the Viking myths to life at the table!


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