The Daughters of Verona - Shakespearean Storygaming

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The Daughters of Verona is a storygame of Shakespearean comedy for five players. It is playable in a single evening/session and requires no prep except for that which the players do together at the start of the game. The game also includes a ready to play story called “The Daughters of Verona” for groups that want to get started even more quickly.

Key features of the game are GM less play, low prep, dice less and troupe style play (i.e. each player plays several PCs). It is very beginner friendly and the non-violent nature of comedies appeals to players who are put off by the violent themes present in many other games.

The box contains:

  • A 16 page rules booklet with a pull out sheet describing the characters in the introductory play ‘The Daughters of Verona’.
  • Character and scene decks, a total of 72 cards.
  • A soft foam insert to keep the cards in place.

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