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How Will Your Power Change the World?

In 1967, one woman inexplicably gains inconceivable power. Trying to use that power for the good of her country, she unwittingly passes it on to a handful of people. They pass it along to others in turn.

Soon thousands of men and women around the world have amazing powers. Some of them use their powers for their own personal gain or gratification. Others try to help those around them. Some change the very course of world events.

Progenitor is a Wild Talents roleplaying game setting that explores the shape of the world as we knew it in the last part of the 20th century—and the changes that are wrought by metahumans year by year. It tracks the alternate history of the world in rich detail from the moment the Progenitor, Amanda Sykes, gains her incredible powers, to the year when a single low-powered metahuman nearly destroys the Earth, to Amanda Sykes’ strange departure from the global scene. The world is yours to build and explore using the rules in this book.

Progenitor includes:

• Dozens of fascinating characters described in depth, plus the world-spanning movements and new nations that they establish.

• Social Metrics: rules and guidelines for shaping the course of history as you play and exploring how the world reacts to the players’ actions. A "one roll" chart generates major developments year by year that can be built into new scenarios and entire campaigns.

• Guidelines for gadgeteers’ effects on society.

• Rules for "syntergenics," memes crafted by activists with superhuman intelligence to affect human behavior with an image and to change the world with an idea.

There is endless room for player characters to shape history for good or for ill—or to simply try to protect the things that matter to them most as the pressures around them build and build. . . .

“This is probably the best-written supers campaign I have ever run across. Detailed, imaginative, and full of so many plot hooks you can run games for years out of this book.” —RPG Geek review.

“For a modern supers game with a heavy dose of the real world, exactly what Wild Talents does best, I'm hard pressed to imagine a more enjoyable setting to explore. If you enjoy supers, alternate history, good rules, and great writing, then take a look at Progenitor.” — review.



374 pages, softcover


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