Sidequest Decks - After the TPK

Sidequest Decks - After the TPK

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The party didn't survive the final showdown—or worse, they didn't even get that far. What do you do?

You can make up new characters and the original characters' “cousins” can show up or you can even start completely over. But thumb through these cards for ideas to keep the campaign going in more creative ways.

This deck has over 50 ideas, such as:
  • The party must fight their way out of a version of Hell.
  • The PCs are judged by a deity and if they prove themselves they are returned, perhaps with a boon.
  • Forces down the time stream know the party's quest is essential and step in to help.
  • The PCs arrive in a version of the modern world as people who were magicked to a fantasy realm. They must find their way back into the fantasy world.
  • A task must be performed by the PCs for Death or some other benefactor, then they are returned.
  • The PCs are animated as undead and must break the curse to be truly resurrected.



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