Into the Deep

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What Wonders Lie Beneath the Waves?

The lands of the Ninth World are vast and filled with the leftover marvels of the prior worlds. But the ancients didn’t live and work their strange ways only upon the land, and the secrets, treasures, and deadly dangers of the past also lie beyond the vast horizons, and beneath the foam-flecked waves, of the Ninth World’s great ocean. Ancient ruins? Secrets? Treasures? Gods? Any of these, and rewards yet unimagined, may await discovery for those willing to leave the comforting familiarity of dry land and accept the ocean’s cold, dangerous embrace.

Into the Deep continues the exploration begun in the hit title Into the Night. You’ll find it loaded with the weird and fascinating science-fantasy sensibilities that set Numenera apart from any other roleplaying game!

  • The Torment: Tides of Numenera public beta goes live in January, with the full game launch in the spring. The Numenera brand is going to be on fire!
  • Gamers expect more than the typical regional sourcebook from a Monte Cook Games product—and this title delivers in spades!
  • Loads of new creatures, cyphers, and artifacts usable in any Numenera campaign.
  • Plenty of adventure seeds to keep your Numenera fans playing!
  • The incredible creativity of Monte Cook at its best, with MCG’s legendary art and production values.


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