Zombie World

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Life after Z-Day, one day at a time…

Zombie World is a card-based tabletop roleplaying game about survivors caught up in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, fighting against the living and the restless dead.  The game is designed for easy, quick, and intense play.


  • 36-page rulebook
  • 1 enclave playmat
  • 1 Gamemaster playmat
  • 8 character playmats
  • 8 basic moves playmats
  • 1 dry eraser marker
  • 110 cards, including 8 Advantages, 16 Population, 2 Enclaves (Prison & Hospital)
  • 16 Pasts, Presents, and Traumas, a Survivor Deck, a Bite Deck, and a Fate Deck

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