Forsooth! - Shakespearean Storygaming

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Prepare to get your bard on.

Forsooth! challenges three-to-six players to improvise one of Shakespeare's greatest lost works. There's no need for a game master, no need to prepare anything in advance, and the rules take just minutes to learn. If you love theatre, or literature, or being a complete ham for the amusement of your friends, this game is for you. From cast generation to curtain call, a game lasts around two or three hours, and a handy Cliff Notes edition allows for even faster game play - right around 90 comedy-or-drama-packed minutes. Great for a casual night of gaming, or building epic cycles of drama with your role-playing group, Forsooth! is easy to pick up, but loaded with challenges for even the most serious RPG aficionado.


Taschenbuch, 88 Seiten

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