Dragon's Hoard Dicebag

Dragon's Hoard Dicebag

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  The Dragon's Hoard

The largest of the set of 3 dice bags from Sink or Swim Stitching and completely reversible!

The velvet lining has 6 pockets that help you organize your dice making for easy access while you're playing. Each pocket is labelled - 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 20, has an elastic edging to ensure your dice stay safe and sound.

There's still plenty of space in the centre for your pencils and any other objects you need ready access to.

14 cm length x 14 cm width (5.6 in x 5.6 in) at the base
16 cm (6.4 in) height

Maximum capacity = 250 dice

The outer material is 100% nylon and waterproof while the inner lining is a luscious velvet.

Outer colours available:
Black, Khaki Green, Navy, Taupe, Red, Brown

Lining colours available:
Black, Purple, Red, Navy, Green, Peacock, Royal Blue

The drawstring cords are 100% nylon and very durable and ensures a tight closure so all of your dice are secure.

The carabiner allows you to attach the bag to your belt loop or bag so you can have your hands free and ensure that your die are always accessible.


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