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The Nile Empire is ruled by High Lord Mobius and his legions of lackeys. It has taken over much of Africa and is encroaching into the Middle-East.

Where the Nile Empire dominates, weird science, fantastic magic, and miracles of the Egyptian gods are all available to villains and heroes alike!

When the Empire takes control, technology and attitudes shift towards those of the thrilling tales from the Thirties.Hidden in tombs and pyramids across the conquered lands, artifacts from a different history
appear, and Mobius wants these relics at all costs. Don a mask, fuel your rocketpack, and join the chase to stop Mobius and rescue the innocents caught in the crossfire!


  • New Perks, Pulp Powers, Miracles, Spells, and Gear for players.
  • New threats, foes, and plenty of villains to encounter!
  • Details the different regions of the Nile Empire.
  • Plot hooks and events from the first year of the Possibility Wars.

144 Seiten, vollfarbiges Hardcover

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