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The secrets of the megacorporations and Dark Legion are all too often best left undiscuvered, as the devinus intrigues and foul horrors that permeate the very fabric of our solar system can taint or tarnish the very purest of souls with Corruption, whilst even the most fleeting of glances into the darkness and the void can unravel the strongest of minds.

Your lnvestigators can take heart, however, as it is possible to shield them from the dire machinations and vile horrors of the Mutant Chrunicles universe with this lavishly constructed four-panel GM Screen, though only for so lang as lt takes you to weave your own high-octane tales with the accompanying lntrigue Initiator, a 16-page booklet that has been designed to assist you
in the construction of your own insidious plots and treacherous heresies.

  • Artwork: A full Iandscape spread of the stunning cover art by Scott Schornburg showing Mutant Chronicles heroes Mitch Hunter, Valerie Duval and Big Bob in action against the Dark Legion.

  • Tables: The GM's side of the screen is replete with handy tables and charts that will speed up play by reducing time spent referencing rules. The 2d20 System has been designed to be fast-paced and cinematic; you can ensure it rernains that way with the Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition Roleplaying Game GM Screen.

  • Inspiration: The lntrigue Initiator begins by taking a look at the various themes that are prevalent within humanity's dark future, alongside dissecting some truly inspirational sources for each that will readily provide a backdrop for your own heroic tales.

  • Intrigue: If your imagination still requires a spark, then a comprehensive plot generator has been provided to assist you in crafting your own scenarios; from immersive adventures of deadly subterfuge, to epic campaigns against the endless hordes of the Dark Legion, you can easily construct an entire plot by rolling through the various tables to create terrifying villains, memorable locations, unique artefacts, and much, much more.




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